The functional training is very fashionable since its main objective is to improve the activities that are performed daily, so that we move from efficiency to efficiency and thus invest the least amount of energy to perform and we have the less likely injure us .

The logical thing is that a functional training circuit is designed for each person specifically by a competent professional, although if you have a sedentary lifestyle common to that of the majority of Spaniards, you are in luck because it is very likely that this one that we teach you can serve you.

Functional training circuit

1. Squat at 90º

If you work in an office or a similar place, one of the activities that you will be most used to doing is sitting down and getting up from your chair, but have you ever stopped to check if the alignment of your knees or your back is right?

If the answer is “no”, perhaps you should consider starting to polish the squat technique a bit , as it is an exercise that has great specificity and considerable force transfer to sitting.

2. Farmer walks

Is taking shopping bags home like a world? Do not worry; The solution is to start making progress with farmer walks , as they are a very similar exercise to this activity and can greatly improve your strength and your ability to carry them from one place to another.

In addition, by doing them you will also be involving a huge number of muscle groups, and among them, the abdomen, which can help you sculpt a strong and athletic abdomen.

3. “Office” strides

Strides without displacement are not going to particularly favor any specific movement that you carry out throughout the day, but they are one of the best options to promote blood flow to the legs and thus avoid all kinds of discomfort and problems in the extremities that can arise after hours and hours sitting.

You can do a series of 10 repetitions on each leg for every hour you spend sitting to partially alleviate the problems of sedentary lifestyle. You do not need any type of material and they are very simple to make.

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