It is very common for many people when they seek to lose weight and fat to focus on those activities that consume the most calories per unit of time. We refer to cardiovascular activities such as running, cycling or using equipment such as the elliptical.

In this article we want to explain to you how strength training is key in the weight loss process and how it should be a priority over aerobic exercises such as those mentioned. We also give you a simple routine to get started.

How Strength Training Helps Us In Weight Loss

It is true that if we turn to studies that investigate the impact of aerobic or cardiovascular exercise on weight and fat loss, we see how effective they are. The problem is that many of these studies do not take into account the preservation of muscle mass in the process or ignore it.

This is important to keep in mind because no one wants to lose muscle mass when losing weight, even if they don’t know how important this is. Losing muscle mass implies worse long-term health and aesthetically worse body composition and image . A body without body fat and without muscle mass looks flabby.

That said, the best way we have to not lose muscle mass in the weight loss process is to do strength training, weights or bodybuilding. It’s all the same. Of course, on a nutritional level we should not go to extremes like following miracle diets.

With all this, in no case do we want to imply that cardiovascular exercise should not be practiced to lose weight and fat. It is about putting everything in its place and strength training in this case is a priority.

The ideal is to combine the best of both worlds. Strength training helps us improve our muscle, tendon, and ligament health, improve our insulin sensitivity, and maintain our muscle mass while losing weight. Cardiovascular training can help us increase caloric expenditure if our lifestyle is too sedentary even when training strength . It is also ideal for mobilizing the fatty acids in our adipose tissue and oxidizing them.

Full-body strength routine for beginners

DUMBBELL FLAT PRESS 5 8-12 two at least 90 “
LOW PULLEY ROW 5 8-12 two at least 90 “
GOBLET SQUAT 5 8-12 two at least 90 “
ROMANIAN DEADLIFT 5 8-12 two at least 90 “

Our strength routine for beginners is built around four fundamental pillars: a horizontal push exercise, a horizontal pull exercise, a knee dominant exercise, and a hip dominant exercise. 

From here we could include more accessory exercises such as lateral raises, femoral curls, biceps curls or triceps extensions but we consider that as a basic structure it is useful to start with.

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