This is by far the most important news about the corona vaccine. The Controller General of Drugs of India has approved CoveShield of Covexin and Serum Institute of Bharat Biotech for emergency use. At the same time Zykos-D of Zydus Cadila Healthcare has been approved for a Phase-3 trial.

“Some side effects such as mild fever, pain and allergies are common in every vaccine, but these two vaccines are 110% safe ,” said DCGI . There are rumors that the vaccine will cause impotence.

World Health Organization (WHO) has welcomed the decision to approve the vaccine. WHO Regional Director for South-East Asia, Dr. Poonam Kshetrapal Singh said that India’s decision would strengthen the fight against the epidemic in South East Asia.

Vaccination may begin this week The Subject Expert Committee on Corona on Saturday recommended that India Biotech approve covacin with emergency useful conditions. Earlier on Friday, the Serum Institute’s Kovishield was also recommended to give such approval. If either of them gets approval from DCGI today, it is hoped that the vaccination drive could begin this week. Vaccination dry runs have also started across the country to test the preparations.

What is the peculiarity of covexin?

  • The results of Phase-2 clinical trials of Covexin came out on 23 December. Trials were conducted on 380 healthy children and adults.
  • Two formulas of 3 micrograms and 6 micrograms were determined. Two groups were formed. He was given two doses four weeks apart.
  • Covacin produced high level antibodies in Phase-2 trials. The number of antibodies in all volunteers increased even after 3 months of the second vaccination.
  • Based on the results of the trial, the company claims that the antibodies made in the body due to covexin last for 6 to 12 months.
  • Antibodies are proteins present in the body that counteract the attack of viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites.
  • The company claims that the trial for Phase-3 took place on a maximum of 23 thousand volunteers across the country.

What is special about covishield?

  • Analysis of Covishield’s clinical trials has yielded many good results. Volunteers were given first half dose and then full dose. No one was found to have any serious health related problems.
  • Efficacy was 90 percent when given a half dose. A month later he was given the full full dose. When both full doses were given, the efficacy was 62 percent.
  • The average efficacy in both doses was 70 percent. All results are statistically special. Volunteers will be tested for blood samples and immunogenicity up to one year after the vaccination to determine their effectiveness. Samples are being taken every week to check for infection.
  • Covishield is also cheaper than other vaccines.

With the exception of Pfizer, both vaccines have been approved by an expert panel.
Three pharma companies in India have sought approval for emergency use of the corona vaccine. The expert panel has conditionally approved Covishield and Covacin from it, while seeking more information from the vaccine manufactured by the American pharma company Pfizer. Which has been approved by the WHO for emergency use worldwide.

The CowShield, or AZD1222, was developed by Oxford University in association with the British pharma company AstraZeneca. Adar Poonawala’s Serum Institute of India is conducting its trials in India. On January 1, the Subject Expert Committee recommended that it be approved. Covexin is indigenous. It was developed by Hyderabad-based company Bharat Biotech in association with the Indian Council of Medical Research and the National Institute of Virology.

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