One of the most obvious uses of robots is to do things that humans cannot. Or at least, do it without fail. Stan in an autonomous valet robot , a job that exists, but brings an extra function: densification .

Airports in Lyon, together with the robotics company Stanley Robotics , have developed Stan, the autonomous robot valet . You can literally take control of a parked car, and put it somewhere else. But its function goes much further than this.

In this video you can see the curious method he uses to park cars without having to start them:

The service already provided by Lyon airport is very practical and curious.

When a traveler has to leave their car at the airport, they park it in a covered garage. While the robot Stan is flying, he takes the car out of the garage and parks it in one of the open spaces .

A few minutes before the owner returns from his trip, Stan picks it up from the plaza (he is able to read license plates) and drops it back in the covered garage. Its owner will find it where he left it, but in reality his vehicle has been in the outside parking lot the entire time .

It is not just a courtesy service from the airport. These types of robots carry out a very important task for companies that move a large volume of cars: densification .

What densification seeks is to make the most of the space . In this particular example, Stan’s precision in parking cars is so great that he can fit them much closer together than a human driver, so more cars can fit in the same space.20 or 30% more vehicles can be put in the same car park.

As we can see in the video, Stan is a completely autonomous robot that works 24 hours a day. Use multiple cameras and image recognition software to navigate the parking lot and avoid obstacles.

A curious mechanism that is inserted into the bottom of the car and holds it by the wheels, lifting it, allows it to be moved without starting it.