WhatsApp has changed its privacy policy and many people have not felt bad. Time will tell if this decision really takes its toll, but for the moment the downloads of other applications such as Telegram or Signal are growing like foam.

It is possible that you are considering changing the application or you have already opened a Telegram account, you may even try to convince your contacts to do the same. We are going to review the strengths of this messaging tool .

Although it does not have as many users as WhatsApp, Telegram is the perfect option for a large number of people due to the multiple tools and functions that it includes and that differentiate it from the Facebook app. This application allows you to use two different mobile phones , manage chats by folders and have greater control of large groups . Here are some of its most interesting features.

Saved messages

The first interesting function that we recommend is the saved messages. With this option, Telegram allows us to create a personal agenda, a chat in which only you are, and to save messages and files that we like.

You can also schedule messages to remind you of things you have to do or important appointments, it is a very useful function, like a drawer where you can keep all those things that you want to keep or use later.


This feature is often very successful in groups with many people. If you want to organize a party, give a gift or simply know the opinion of other people, take a survey to find out which idea is more accepted.

It can be applied to any group and can be done by administrators or any group participant with the administrator’s permission as we will see later.

Secret chats

Telegram uses an end-to-end encryption system, but its system is not the same as WhatsApp or Signal. Telegram uses the proprietary MTProto protocol, by which messages are encrypted between the client and the server, not client-to-client as other apps do. This does not mean that your system is not secure, but to give users more peace of mind, Telegram has developed secret chats.

With them we make sure that our message is encrypted until it reaches the other person’s phone, that is, they are encrypted from user to user and are not stored on the company’s servers. Also, these conversations cannot be forwarded to another user and they also prohibit screenshots. It is also possible to use Telegram’s self-destruction system with these messages, for text, photos, video and files, giving time for the other user to see them.

To create a secret chat, click on the home page and select New Secret Chat and then choose the contact you want to talk to. You can also go to the chat you have with that person and select this option in the top menu of points.