In 2020 we became experts in a product that to date was not very popular, the masks. There are surgical masks, FFP2 masks, fabric masks with filters and a myriad of options that usually make our ears hurt and it costs us to breathe more or less as well as fogging up our glasses .

LG arrives with an active mask concept that integrates two fans that pass air through HEPA filters so that later we breathe it through a filter system and surgical silicone support that adjusts to the nose and mouth area, making almost a seal , which prevents the air from escaping through the upper part, the main problem for those of us who have glasses.

How effective is it? LG claims that it kills 97.3% of viruses and 93% of bacteria and has a weight of 126 grams.

LG PuriCare Air Purifier Mask
Colour White
Filter HEPA 13
Fan Dual inverter motor
Sensor Breathing sensor
Air volume 20 – 55 L / min
Autonomy 4 – 8 h (depending on the fan)
Fan speeds 3 speeds
Drums 820 mAh
Loading time 2 hours | USB-C
Size 156 x 110 x 63 mm
Weight 126 g
Price 150 euros