This practice of hiring several suppliers of the same component is a security measure for the Cupertino company. If one of the companies faces a problem, another company continues to produce so as not to delay the manufacture of new devices.

The new list member is waiting only for the green light from Apple to start the component development process.

Enhanced ultrawide sensor

Ming-Chi Kuo also indicates at least three major improvements for the ultrawide camera sensor on the next iPhone. The aperture, for example, should change from f / 2.4 to f / 1.8. This change will allow more light to enter the sensor, something that should significantly influence the quality of images captured in low light scenarios.

Another speculation indicates a change in the number of elements in the wide-angle sensor, going from five to six different lenses. This can improve sharpness and prevent blurry images. The sensor can also gain support for autofocus.

Ming-Chi Kuo says the telephoto lens may undergo “dramatic changes in 2022”. Next year, Apple is expected to adopt a new design for the sensor, offering up to 10 times optical zoom.

via : 9to5Mac

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