Apple has updated Apple Maps so that the user can report accidents, radars and other traffic interruptions via application. The feature, at least for now, is only available to the iOS 14.5 (in beta) and, although leaner than his competitors, he has some cards up his sleeve.

Apple Maps, for now, recognizes only speed cameras, interruptions such as road construction or accidents. Through a button at the bottom of the screen, the user is able to register a new event and share it with other users of the same app – including, the interface is also compatible with the C.

For those more concerned with the distraction of having to handle the phone to report an incident on the map, Apple Maps is integrated with the virtual assistant Crab. So, it is possible to use voice commands such as “Hey, Siri, there’s something on the track” or “Hey, Siri, there’s a radar here” and the assistant will understand, making the appropriate appointment.

More features will be added to Apple Maps

With the update, all three main GPS applications have some traffic reporting function coming from the user. THE Waze popularized fashion, but the Google Maps had been developing this since April 2019. The Cupertino company, the last to adhere to the idea, is also the one that brings less options: Google Maps, for example, can specify several traffic interruptions, such as closed lanes, buildings or broken vehicles.

There is still no confirmation as to whether the updated version of Apple Maps will arrive in the stable distribution of iOS 14.5. At the moment, both the app and the iPhone operating system are in beta. In the future, Apple will also allow the user to upload images to complement their traffic reports.

via : MacRumors

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