Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey wants to build an app store for social networking algorithms, which promises users the possibility to choose your algorithms for recommendation favorites, rather than relying on   to define that.

Dorsey commented on his vision of a decentralized social network at a meeting with investors. According to him, it would be attractive for Twitter to create a network that is beyond the control of itself or any other company, with a model capable of providing “a much larger corpus of conversations”, which could bring users much more relevant content.

“You can imagine an app store-like view of rating algorithms that give people maximum flexibility in terms of which posts are placed in front of them,” Dorsey told investors.

For the executive, this new model would allow Twitter to create different ranking algorithms, giving people freedom of choice. “This is something that not only can we host, but we can participate,” he said, adding that decentralization “would not only help businesses, but it would get more people to participate in social media in the first place.”

Decentralization can help “dribble” section 230

For Jack Dorsey, the decentralization of the algorithms can help “circumvent” some points of Section 230, an American law that gives platforms protection against content created by users. According to him, a decentralized network could offer Twitter a mechanism to avoid problems if stricter legislation is passed.

About a year ago, Twitter has been working on the design of a decentralized social network, in a pilot project that has been dubbed “Bluesky”, which is currently in the research phase.

Decentralized social networks are not exactly a novelty, however, none have yet achieved commercial success, as was the case with Mastodon.

via : The Verge

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